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Smart bidet toilet seat

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The Cassellie Smart Toilet Seat provides the optimum multi-functional cleansing experience. Combined with its power saving features the Smart seat virtually eliminates the usage of toilet paper or wipes making it environment friendly too. Combined with the advanced technology, each user can tailor their own preference. Whether it be the seat or water temperature, nozzle position or the fully temperature adjustable warm air dryer to give the ultimate hygienic cleansing experience time after time. The unit also offers an automatic cleansing function and deodorization function. The Smart Seat is also an ideal solution for less abled users as it is accompanied with a sleek easy to use control panel.

with dual nozzle and massage control

• Cleanse mode rear and frontal

• LED light and night light

• Deodorisation function

• Fully adjustable nozzle positions

• Adjustable seat temperature levels

• Multiple air dryer temperature levels

• Adjustable water pressure levels

• Fully adjustable water temperature levels

• Energy saving mode

• Auto and manual nozzle cleaning options

• Pulsating massage function

• Fully automatic cleansing function